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"Become Asia's Leading Comprehensive Logistics Group"

The SG Holdings Group has developed businesses in a variety of fields, such as deliveries, logistics, real estate, and automobile maintenance businesses.
With today's corporate environment changing at a dizzying pace, in 2014 we established a cross-sectional sales strategy team known as "GOAL (GO Advanced Logistics)", which has assembled the strengths of each group company to respond to changes in customer needs and the market environment. This initiative, which uses logistics to provide assistance for our customers' management strategies, has approached its 3rd year of operation and received high praise for its activities.
In the "First Stage 2018" mid-term management plan which was initiated from the 2016 fiscal year, our corporate vision is stated as "Become Asia's Leading Comprehensive Logistics Group". We have promoted projects such as the enhancement of our solution capabilities and the expansion of global logistics networks through group coordination built around "GOAL", as new engines for our business growth.
In order to achieve our vision, we will continuously secure outstanding human resources. By arranging systems for suitable recruitment, education, and human resources management, and planning for the diversification of human resource utilization, we move forward and evolve into an advanced global company.
We will enhance the individual abilities of our group members and propose total solutions to our customers as a group overall, providing quick responses to the varied needs of our customers. This will allow us to gain an even higher level of trust from society and let us strive to become a corporate group that is highly valued and needed worldwide.

Eiichi Kuriwada
Chairperson and CEO
SG Holdings Co., Ltd.

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