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Delivery Business

Delivery is the SG Holdings Group's core business, offering much more than just a delivery service, as cooperation between Group companies also allows us to provide logistics oriented one-stop solutions, to tackle customer issues, whether domestic or international. Not only standard delivery, we also offer various specialized modes of transport, such as for works of art, and products requiring installation service. In addition, our "Reverse Solution" business offers all types of services to deal with product recalls, including the Recall Total Service, which includes the collection of defective products, delivery of replacement products, temporary storage, and call center customer service tasks. Also, our "Facility Logistics System" in large scale facilities such as Tokyo Skytree Town(R) and Tokyo Midtown provides centralized management of people, objects, vehicles, and information, contributes to regional safety and security, and reduces environmental footprints, helping to solve our customers’ various issues.

Main Companies

  • Sagawa Express
    The core company of the SG Holdings Group, providing door-to-door delivery services with a particular focus on express delivery. Working together with all Group companies to provide total logistics solutions.
  • Sagawa Humony (Japanese)
    In addition to telegrams, we offer a variety of original services, including flower delivery (particularly the moth orchids you need for important life events), standing flower arrangements, condolence flowers, and gifts.
  • SG Moving (Japanese)
    Features a moving transport service to help with transport, assembly, and installation of large furniture, household appliances, and office equipment for single moving, family moving, or office moving tasks.
  • World Supply (Japanese)
    Offering various solutions for 3PL business, cooperative food delivery tasks, facility logistics business, and mail order business with a delivery agency at the core (providing delivery, inspection, and processing for department stores).

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