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Business Contents

  • Delivery Business

    Offering much more than just a delivery service, cooperation between Group companies also allows us to provide logistics oriented one-stop solutions, to tackle customer issues.

  • Logistics Business

    Providing a wide range of solutions to fully meet the logistics needs of our customers, through a comprehensive network spanning the entire country.

  • Overseas/International Business

    Offering high level, value-added services, by enhancing the international cargo business along with other related business. We are also developing a worldwide network, to expand beyond Asia.

  • Real Estate Business

    Managing and operating SG Holdings Group real estate facilities, as well as proposing efficient ways to use real estate and facility infrastructure, with a focus on logistics.

  • Vehicle Business

    Undertaking precision repair related support, along with experience gained from performing maintenance on Sagawa Express trucks nationwide, has earned us much trust. We also manufacture vehicles with environmentally-friendly specifications.

  • Human Resources Business

    Focusing on operational improvements and increasing service quality levels for sorting operations at Group delivery bases.Such knowledge is utilized by our "Human Resource Outsourcing Services."

  • Other Business

    Specializing in such business fundamentals as finance, IT, and human resource development, other companies play an active role in the SG Holdings Group.

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