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Philosophy and Guidelines of SG Holdings Group

Corporate activities of SG Holdings Group consist of activities reflecting a sense of ethics among all management and employees. SG Holdings Group established a Corporate Philosophy, a Conduct Charter, and a Code of Ethics and Conduct to be observed by all affiliated companies of our group. The purpose of these rules is to formulate a structure to assure the correctness of our business operations and to build our compliance system.

SG Holdings Group's Corporate Philosophy

SG Holdings Group's Conduct Charter

Pledge to gain trust and understanding from society

The SG Holdings Group strives to create added value through fair competition and take part in development of society and the economy, in order to become a corporate organization that serves society at large. To achieve these goals, all managers and employees within SG Holdings Group act responsibly and make a united effort to constantly follow stakeholder-oriented management practices; respect human rights, comply with applicable laws, and respect international rules and the spirit in which they were founded, both in Japan and abroad; and, for the purpose of building a sustainable society, based on the following eight principles and our management approach, maintain high ethical standards while fulfilling our social responsibilities.

Meeting the expectations of our customers

  1. Through development and provision of highly convenient and useful products and continual enhancement of our level of service, we achieve customer satisfaction and gain customer trust.

Meeting the expectations of our employees

  1. While respecting the diversity, personality, and individuality of each employee, we aim to develop safe and enriching workplace environments to ensure comfort and security.

Meeting the expectations of local communities

  1. We consider safety and environmental initiatives to be preconditions for the existence of our group and the execution of its activities, and proactively take the actions needed.
  2. As a good corporate citizen, we actively undertake social contribution activities.
  3. In our international business operations, we comply with the laws of each country and region, respect human rights and follow other international standards of behavior, conduct management in consideration of local culture and customs as well as stakeholders, and contribute to the development of each country and region in which we do business.

Meeting the expectations of stakeholders and business partners

  1. We strive for communication with society as a whole, along with shareholders, and disclose our corporate information actively and properly. In addition, we take thoroughgoing measures to protect the privacy of properly handle personal information, customer information, and other forms of information.
  2. We carry out fair, transparent and free competition and fair transactions, and we maintain sound and proper relationships with politicians and governments.
  3. We confront, in a determined manner, antisocial forces and groups that threaten the social order and safety, and take every measure to prevent relations with them.

Management Approach

  1. Management shall recognize that the realization of the spirit of this Charter is its task, and by setting an example through leadership shall strive to implement it within the group and promote it among business partners. Furthermore, management shall implement business activities that meet the needs of stakeholders, and prepare an effective corporate governance structure.
  2. If any apparent infringement of this Charter occurs, management shall publicly take the initiative in solving the problem and make every effort to determine the cause and prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future, while promptly and accurately disclosing related information to the public.

SG Holdings Group's Code of Ethics and Conduct

We follow the Code of Ethics and Conduct which embodies SG Holdings Group's Conduct Charter.

  1. In consideration of customer expectations, we shall continually engage in mutual development.
  2. In consideration of employee expectations, we shall cultivate a comfortable and enjoyable workplace.
  3. In consideration of local communities' expectations, we shall continue to make progress together.
  4. In consideration of the expectations of stakeholders and business partners, we shall build mutual trust.

SG Holdings Group's unified slogan

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