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Overview of Sagawa Advance nurse-accompanied travel service

Sagawa Advance is part of the new and growing third and fourth business pillars of the SG Holdings Group's services, which follow after the core areas of deliveries and logistics and help to form the foundation of the group. Currently, in order to extend the range of services we offer, we are expanding our product development business, which focuses on operation of mail-order sales, kiosks and convenience stores; our property insurance business, which handles areas such as property insurance and life insurance; our travel business revolving around recreational travel, company training sessions, events, etc.
In line with these initiatives, we started a new nurse-accompanied travel and outings support service in October 2010 as part of our travel business, for elderly and disabled persons who need nursing assistance when traveling. These nursing assistants are called Travel Helpers, and because they are equipped with specialized nursing and travel-related knowledge, they can accompany customers who formerly thought outings and trips were no longer possible, helping them fulfill their dreams.

Attached travel assistants and dispatch support staff with nursing skills who have passed the certification examination administered by corporate NPO Nippon Travelhelpers, an organization certified by the Japanese Cabinet Office. There are level 3, mid-2 and 2 examination certification levels, and depending on the level passed, personnel can work as volunteers with families and in the local community, act as dispatch support staff for those in need of nursing care, and accompany travelers at their lodging places as attached nursing staff.

An essential service for an aging society

Sagawa Advance's Travel Business Department has built up a wealth of experience arranging company training outings, employee trips, events and more for various companies within the SG Holdings Group. In recent years, these services have been extended to companies outside of the group while effort was invested in the development of new services?this is when the nurse-accompanied travel and outings support service was born.
In Japan, where aging of society is steadily progressing, the issue of adequate nursing care for elderly individuals who cannot move around freely by themselves is becoming important. When considering the continuing increase of such people, it is clear that providing in-depth support meeting each customer's individual needs is necessary to improve the quality of services. It is natural for people to want to take trips, visit their family members' graves, and make visits to their hometowns. In order to fulfill the desires of each customer and the families that care about them, Sagawa Advance started its nurse-accompanied travel and outings support service.

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