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With Society

As we recognize our position as a "corporation within society" to fulfill our responsibilities as a corporate citizen, we are constantly reviewing and implementing both "what we can do" and "what we should do".

Hosting Stakeholders' dialog

What does society expect from the Sagawa Express as a distribution business? What can we do in our business activity to contribute to society? Do we satisfy such expectations sufficiently? In order to answer these questions, we have been holding "SAGAWA Stakeholders dialog" every year since FY 2004.

Summary of the 7th SAGAWA Stakeholder's Dialog

Theme Aiming to become a corporation worthy of gratitude that meets the needs of its various stakeholders
Date February 4th (Fri.), 2011
Location Sagawa Express Tokyo Head Office
Participants 13
Content Keynote speech, General discussion

Major topics of the general discussion

  • What we can do and what we should do in distribution operations towards the creation of healthy economic conditions
  • What is expected of Sagawa Express and how can we fulfill these expectations
  • As a distribution business, how can we link CSR activities and intentions to business activities
  • Topics on partnerships and cooperation
  • As Sagawa Express, what can we do right now, what should we do in the future, what is requested of us, etc.

Opinions raised in the general discussion (extract)

  • Firmly grasping local issues as a business
    There are many regions and communities that face structural problems, and our competitive advantage as a business is tied to the ability to firmly grasp the relevant issues.
  • Meeting customer needs
    To provide service to elderly customers, it is important to talk with them face-to-face.
  • Undertaking all tasks within the group is not always best
    Formation of systems and policies need not always be left to in-house staff. It is important to entrust tasks to those who are most skilled in relevant fields.
  • Success in business must be achieved
    Although it is important to improve results in terms of CSR, success as a business is vital.
Scene from the discussion

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