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With Our Employees

Employees are an invaluable resource for businesses. In order to respect employees and guarantee equality, we are making efforts to provide comfortable work environments for all our employees.

Full Benefits

Organizing SG Holdings Group Sports Festival

In order for our staff to work with vigor and enthusiasm, understanding and support by family members are highly valued. We understand that their families are also an essential part of SG Holdings Group and thus organize various events to cultivate mutual friendships between our employees together with their families, within each group company, branch, or region.
Among these, the SG Holdings Group Sports Festival (SSF), the largest such event for our group, is held in the beginning of May every year. The participating employees and their family members from all over the country get together at Moriyama Park, one of our resort facilities located in Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture, and enjoy the sense of togetherness through sports and events.

Club activities

We also support various sports club activities within the company for promoting sports and for the health of our employees. Sagawa Express cooperates with local communities in support of artistic and sports activities, as well as educational programs for the children who make up the next generation.

Sagawa Express Track and Field Athletics Team

The team has taken part in the All Japan Corporate Ekiden held on January 1st every year for sixteen consecutive years. With the goal of winning the Kansai ITFA Relay Race and placing in the New Year's Relay Race, we are putting our utmost effort into the training of our marathon runners.


Part of the Japan Football League(JFL), SAGAWA SHIGA FC won its first league championship in FY 2007 and its second in FY 2009.
As part of community contribution efforts, a soccer academy for elementary school students and a junior youth team for junior high school students have been formed.
SAGAWA SHIGA FC will continue to strive for championship wins while continuing to develop a loyal following in its home territory of Shiga Prefecture.

Sagawa Express softball team

After participating in the Japanese Women's Softball League and taking the championship in FY 2005, our team advanced to the second division and won the championship again in FY 2006. In FY 2007, the team moved up to the first division, and took 8th place in competition with powerful players.
With the goal of strengthening the team further and moving up within the first division, eventually rising to the top four and playing in the championship tournament, each player is making her best effort.

Providing recreation facilities

We have several recreation facilities and contracted resort facilities, in which our employees can feel refreshed in mind and body, both domestically and abroad and many employees use them to deepen bonds between their family members.

Lake Sagawa
Atami Sagawa Soh
SG Holdings Group Moriyama Field Athletics Stadium

Company visits by families during summer break

On August 20, 2010, family work visits were held at Sagawa Express' Tokyo Head Office in Koto Ward. In order to increase understanding of logistics operations among families of employees and teach them about the company's views on work ethics, and also to create opportunities for increased parent-child communication, this program was held for the first time with 14 families attending for a total of 45 participants.
Children who participated wore Sagawa Express uniforms, and through classes, observation tours and hands-on delivery experiences learned about Sagawa Express' courier delivery system and methods it adopts, as well as safety and environmental initiatives. These activities enabled them to experience how logistics works firsthand.
Many of the children were impressed, making comments such as "now I understand what dad does at work," "being able to do deliveries myself was really fun" and "I see how Sagawa Express cares about safety and the environment when making deliveries."

Hands-on delivery experience as a driver

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