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With Our Employees

Employees are an invaluable resource for businesses. In order to respect employees and guarantee equality, we are making efforts to provide comfortable work environments for all our employees.

Supporting quality of life of the employees and their families through an exclusive website

SG Holdings Group runs an exclusive internet website "SG Holdings Group exclusive website for staff and families." It has various contents, such as consultation services for health or troubles in working conditions, information on recreation facilities, other resorts across Japan, various welfare information, etc. with a view to helping our employees and their families enjoy physical and mental wellbeing.

Main website page

Promoting mental health care

The SG Holdings Group initiates measures for sound mental health in the workplace based on our Mental Health Guidelines for preserving the health of our worker's minds. SG Holdings Group has established "SG Holdings Group Health Dial 24" for employees and their partners and families, where 24-hour consultation on a toll-free telephone line and website is available.
This service provide consultation in the areas of health, nursing care, raising children, and information on medical institutions, as well as areas of mental stress including distress about jobs and human relations.
If the consultee wishes, "consultation in interview" by an expert is also available at 220 locations in 47 prefectures. We support our employees, their partners and families.

Booklet explaining how to use "SG Holdings Group Health Dial 24"

Further improvement through recognition of excellent staff

Once every year the SG Holdings Group conducts a Group Joint Awards Ceremony for acknowledging the outstanding achievements throughout the year of individual employees and business locations.
Beginning in fiscal 2009, Environmental Protection Activity categories were newly added to other categories such as achievements, quality, and safety for the purpose of increasing public benefits and new industry developments by increasing company awareness for these categories and promoting activities.

Group Joint Awards Ceremony

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