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With Our Employees

Employees are an invaluable resource for businesses. In order to respect employees and guarantee equality, we are making efforts to provide comfortable work environments for all our employees.

Initiatives for work-life balance

Maternal healthcare initiatives

Because our employees at the SG Holdings Group are indispensable assets, we aim to realize a working environment that strikes a balance between professional and personal life through our work-life balance initiatives.
One way in which we have pursued this goal is through introduction of original maternity uniforms for women who are pregnant or recently gave birth, enabling them to continue working without worry. We also outline our system for maternal healthcare and related support measures in the "Working Woman Guide," which is published online, and implement related educational activities. With the intent of enhancing our multiple support systems and improving efficiency in business operations, we are endeavoring to build a work environment in which every employee feels motivation to work and has the opportunity to grow during each stage of their life.

"Working Woman Guide"
(For Managers)
"Working Woman Guide"
(For Regular Employees)

Measures to teach about breast cancer self-examination techniques

At Sagawa Express, we emphasize the importance of early detection and treatment of breast cancer among all of our female employees. With the goal of encouraging regular examinations, we began cooperation with The Sagawa Foundation for Promotion of Cancer Research from October 2009 in the creation of original breast cancer self-examination educational posters, and have been posting them on the doors of women's bathrooms at business locations around the country. We also distribute these posters to other companies and organizations that want them.
On October 22, 2010, Minister for Administrative Reforms Renho Murata made a visit to our facilities. She praised our work highly, but commented that "We need to raise awareness not only among women, but men as well. I want them to recommend self-examinations to their wives and children." At the Tokyo Head Office and Kanto Branch Office, an examination vehicle equipped with digital mammography equipment was made available, and female employees (25 years old and above) were given the opportunity to receive examinations if they so desired. The vehicle was equipped with advanced x-ray equipment on par with that used at university hospitals and other leading institutions, for high-precision medical examinations using state-of-the-art technology. Sagawa Express plans to continue with measures against breast cancer, with the aim of promoting early detection among female employees.

Minister Renho with representatives from the Japan Cancer Society and Sagawa Express
Breast cancer self-examination educational poster
Digital mammography equipment
Examination vehicle equipped with mammography equipment (supplied by ATMC Inc.)

The first usage of shorts in the courier service business in Japan

For the first time in the courier industry in Japan, Sagawa Express has introduced shorts as part of the summer uniforms. This has expanded the "cool biz" scope to sales drivers in addition to management and operations department staff, and is also linked to work environment improvements such as the prevention of heatstroke.

A sales driver wearing shorts

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