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With Our Employees

Employees are an invaluable resource for businesses. In order to respect employees and guarantee equality, we are making efforts to provide comfortable work environments for all our employees.

Official Communication Session

At Sagawa Express, we began holding "Official Communication Sessions" to cultivate outstanding employees who share the same values. Through exchanges of employee opinions on topics such as management and the management vision, this type of direct communication contributes toward increased motivation to work. The first Official Communication Session was held on April 7, 2010 in Tokyo, and after that sessions were held at other locations throughout Japan.
Through the opinions and suggestions that came up at these sessions, participants were able to grasp the issues facing the company as a whole, and progress was made in both putting suitable countermeasures into motion and solving problems.
In 2010, 42 Official Communication Sessions were held around Japan with 1,663 employees participating. We intend to expand the scope of these sessions in FY 2011 by extending participation to managerial staff.

■Anticipated participation in 2011
Participants Sales office managers and assistant managers
Number of participants Anticipated: 317 managers, 513 assistant managers (21%)
Activities Two lectures (one from Sales Department, one from Management Department), meeting to exchange ideas (free discussion), social event

Supporting female employees in various job categories

Providing opportunities for all employees to fulfill their personalities and abilities is one of our business strategies to secure a strong workforce in the future. In an industry where female employment is relatively low, Sagawa Express is making efforts to hire female employees. The ratio of female employees has been steadily increasing year by year. Just employing many female workers is not our aim. We actively promote them to administrative positions in view of cultivating more female staff and developing their capabilities.
We have programs to support the child-raising in employees' families, such as assistance for coming back to work from child-care leave. Many female staff have actually come back to work with us after pregnancy.

Female career support education/training

The purpose of this training is for the study of knowledge and skills that are linked to achievements and will stimulate activity unique to Sagawa Express's female management. In particular, we recognize the expectations of the roles Sagawa Express's female businesspersons play in various business situations, and we value their captaincy and leadership through the increase of motivation.

Participants in the second round of training
Main curriculum
  • Female employee support in business organizations created by males
  • Stances during work
  • Communication and network creation that facilitates organization
  • Mindsets and skills expected of a leader
  • Drawing out motivation in members (ES mind)
  • Coaching
  • Basic management
  • Logical thinking

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