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With Our Employees

Employees are an invaluable resource for businesses. In order to respect employees and guarantee equality, we are making efforts to provide comfortable work environments for all our employees.

Realizing ideal working conditions

Considering that our employees, which number more than 70,000 throughout the SG Holdings Group, are our indispensable assets, we must realize ideal working conditions for all of them. We respect human rights, individuality, personality, and privacy at the workplace while making efforts in 6S activities, namely arrangement (Seiri), putting things straight (Seiton), purity (Seiketsu), cleaning (Seiso), discipline (Shitsuke) and manner (Saho) for the realization of safe and healthy working conditions.


Aiming for a workplace where female employees can continue to work long-term

Since the "Working Woman Guide" was released, the amount of female employees has increased more than twofold from the 3,000 employed five years ago. That number continues to grow, and in response to increasing calls for opportunities to continue working while pursuing other landmarks such as marriage, pregnancy, childbirth and child-raising, there is a need to disseminate further information among female workers and management staff concerning systems in place and available support. While preparing relevant rules and information, much time was spent on the subjects of unification disparate standards at companies around the country, and particularly on what kind of considerations should be taken for pregnant female drivers. After much debate, and with the generous support of various private and public organizations, we were able to establish unified rules for all companies while revising certain regulations. We strive to create a workplace in which both men and women feel motivated to work, where everyone can enjoy their job regardless of gender.

Miho Hyodo
Sub chief
Labor Section
Personnel and Safety Control Department
Tokyo Head Office
Sagawa Express

Substantial education and training courses

In order to give all our employees the experience of feeling the reward of their jobs and growth through educational training courses, Sagawa Express promotes the nationwide standardized education system in various job fields. We are working on the construction of a quantitative measurement system for achievement and growth made by the employees who finished the courses, looking to the better development of human resources.

■Training courses conducted in FY 2010
  Name of course Number of participants
1 Basic education course for new recruits 4,577
2 Basic education course for safe driving 3,822
3 Graduation certifying course for SD 3,683
4 Basic practical training course for CS 466
5 Graduation certifying course for CS 318
6 CS Instructor certifying course 86
7 Advanced SD Instructor certifying course 1,657
8 Safe Driving Supervisor certifying course 164
9 Exclusive Safety Administrator training course 316
10 Leadership training course 126
11 Female Career Support Education 22
12 Core Management Member Training 39
13 First-time manager training course 69
Total 15,345

Implementation of education on the Code of Ethics and Conduct

At the SG Holdings Group, operating under the premise that group corporate activities affect all of society rather than just select business customers, we implement educational programs on our Code of Ethics and Conduct. Ethics encompass the morals and manners of every group employee, and they are tied to improved services throughout the group. Because individual responsibilities comprise a company's social responsibilities, we are promoting sounds business ethics among our employees.

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