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Efforts on Services and Products for Our Customers

Through developing high-quality products and high value-added services, we seek to become a business that is chosen and trusted by customers.

Large-sized furniture/appliance installation and transportation that emphasizes the potentials of the group

In response to demand from mail-order companies with expanding businesses, Sagawa Express and Sagawa Moving Center implement "Large-sized furniture/appliance installation and transportation" that emphasizes the transportation network and potentials of the group. This is a service for large-sized furniture and appliances featuring delivery by two sales drivers, unpacking/installation in a specific location, and collection of any waste from the unpacking such as cardboard boxes. Plus, an internet cargo tracking system allows for confirmation of delivery status, and customers who purchase products through mail order can utilize e-collect.

Installation by a sales driver and staff member

Enhancement of customer service availability through smartphones

Sagawa Express has revamped the portable terminal used by sales drivers in collection and delivery operations, and in October 2010 introduced 24,000 of the new-model smartphone terminals with built-in barcode scanners through Japan.
The purpose of introducing new portable terminals was to further increase customer satisfaction while streamlining sales drivers' tasks and reducing their workload more than ever before. The new terminals are the first smartphones in the world to feature built-in barcode scanners, for improved functionality, versatility and operability.

Sales driver at work using the new-model portable terminal

Making efforts to attend customer calls "promptly, reliably, and politely"

Sagawa Express understands that one phone call from a customer may define our corporate image. In the Customer Service Section where calls are handled, we make every effort to be appreciated in our service by the customers, as the "second sales section" next to the sales drivers. Each regional office has its own instructors for daily education, and external instructors are regularly invited for guidance. New recruits receive practical education in a man-to-man system for about one year.
On November 12, 2010, four employees from Sagawa Express participated in the 49th "Telephone Manners Nationwide Competition" put on by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation Telephone User Association. For this competition, 57 representatives were selected from among 10,494 entrants in all prefectures in Japan to have their telephone manners tested, and the participants from Sagawa Express displayed their high-level skills cultivated through daily on-the-job practice. Tomoko Matsumoto from the Kanto Branch Office's Saitama Support Center received the Award for Excellence (equivalent to third prize) for her hard work.

Customer Service Section
Customer Service Contest

Efforts on improvement of quality

Certified according to ISO 9001

Aiming to provide the services that satisfy our customers, Sagawa Express is working on the management of service quality to correctly answer the customer's needs. As of April 2011, as many as 388 branches and offices are certified according to ISO 9001: 2008, which is an international standard of quality management system, and we are making further efforts to the continuous improvement of various processes relating to transport services.

ISO 9001 certificate

Introduction of a "quality status system"

A "quality status system" was put in place starting in FY 2011 to promote quality improvements. The system is based on quality standards in ten categories, and three initial classes (bronze, silver and gold) of certification are given based on the number of standards met. In addition, continual certification under "gold" class leads to a high-level "diamond" class, and finally to the highest rating of "platinum."

A "diamond" class certification

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