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Efforts on Services and Products for Our Customers

Through developing high-quality products and high value-added services, we seek to become a business that is chosen and trusted by customers.

Approval received for the start of "Hikyaku Special Correspondence Delivery"

In March 2009, we obtained the approval necessary to enter the delivery service business of designated correspondences according to the Act on Correspondence Delivery by Private Business Operators. This allows us to engage in the delivery business of designated mails. With this, we will deploy new services in conjunction with a bill collection service using the "e-collect" system or using existing infrastructures such as the internet.

Accepted document types
  • Letters
  • Invoices
  • Permits for licenses, etc.
  • Residence certificates
  • Family register certificates
  • Direct mail, etc.

Measures to raise efficiency and conserve resources

Sagawa Express has created the "e-Hiden Series" support system to assist customers in shipping packages. Using this system, there is no need to fill out troublesome invoice papers, because the sender can choose from among previously registered addresses and simply print the information out?this also helps prevent deliveries to incorrect addresses. Furthermore, large amounts of shipping destination data can be handled at once, which raises operating efficiency. We have also introduced our "Electronic Invoicing Service" with the aim of conserving resources and raising efficiency. Through use of this service, customers can view shipping charge information on our website. Additionally, instead of paying with paper invoices as before, invoices can be promptly downloaded from the website two days after the shipping date, which contributes to more efficient accounting procedures and paper-free operations.

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