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Efforts on Services and Products for Our Customers

Through developing high-quality products and high value-added services, we seek to become a business that is chosen and trusted by customers.

Debut of "service assistants" for support in moving operations

In March 2011, Sagawa Moving Center began offering moving support services in the Tokyo area featuring help from licensed "level-two service assistants." By utilizing these service assistants, Sagawa Moving Center is able to offer safe and secure moving support to elderly and disabled individuals. The Sagawa Moving Center is part of the moving and installation/transport services that comprise one of the group's primary business pillars, and because we place great importance on service quality, the specialized staff involved in this type of business require training to further enhance their capabilities. To accomplish this, staff members' spirit of hospitality and service is refined, and they are trained in assistance-related skills (wheelchair operation, guidance for people with impaired eyesight or hearing, etc.), so they can be safely trusted with the care of elderly or disabled customers. At operational bases throughout Japan, we are actively promoting licensing of employees as level-two service assistant.

  • * Service assistants are licensed under the Nippon Care-Fit Service Association, an NPO certified by the Japanese Cabinet Office. Licensees are able to provide suitable assistance to ensure security and peace of mind for elderly and disabled individuals. Currently, service fields related to transportation, distribution, finance, food services, and others, as well as in publicly operated facilities (city halls, schools), are among the many areas where service assistants are active. As of July 2010, more than 70,000 people have been certified as level-two service assistants, with trends indicating that this number will increase.

3R compliant PC transport service, "Hikyaku PC Express"

Sagawa Express provides a 3R compliant transport service, "Hikyaku PC Express".
For accurate instrument such as PC repairs, we use "Sagawa soft air package," which is our original reusable packaging material for sending PCs between manufacturers and users. This packaging material is highly appreciated as an environmentally friendly product for its reusability (generates less waste than conventional packaging), as well as for its ability to protect the goods from vibration or shock.

Our original "Hikyaku PC Express" packaging materials

"Hikyaku Confidential Document Recycling Courier" also covers the dissolution process

As more and more companies are shifting their disposal method of confidential documents from shredding to dissolution in consideration of protection of personal information and environmental aspects for resource protection, we have set up a new service to undertake processes from pickup from the offices to dissolution of confidential documents. The flow of this service consists of: packing of the confidential documents into special boxes, delivery to the dissolution site in a unified delivery method securing confidentiality, and the dissolution processing. The dissolved documents are recycled into bathroom tissue or the like. On completion of the dissolution process, a certification can be issued on a Web service.

Special cardboard box

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