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Social Action Programs

The SG Holdings Group has established a policy of "contributing to the development of regional communities". We conduct activities for contributing to society based on a desire to return the favor to the customers that have supported us as well as society.

Activities of four foundations

In order to maintain its status as an organization that can contribute to society, the SG Holdings Group made efforts to repay society for all the support they have given the group by cooperating in foundations' activities over a wide range of fields including coexistence with communities, international exchange, and support for arts and academics.

Sagawa Foreign Students' Scholarship Public Interest Foundation

Helping sixteen scholarship students' (25th scholarship awards) take the first steps toward their dreams in FY 2010

We received applications from 95 privately funded foreign students from Southeast Asia who were recommended by presidents of national universities in Japan. Through impartial judgment, 16 students (7 undergraduate, 9 graduate) were selected to become scholarship students. Accompanying this was the "Fiscal 2010 Sagawa Scholarship Acceptance Certificate Award Ceremony/Cultural Exchange" held from November 5 to 7. The 16 scholarship students attended the award ceremony, and on November 6 scholarship student Phetkaysone Anongdeth from Laos (Hiroshima University Graduate School of Engineering, second year engineering research doctoral student) expressed his thanks on behalf of the scholarship students, stating that "In the future, I want to make use of all the knowledge and experience I have gained in Japan to contribute to the development of infrastructure in Laos with the goal of building a nationwide transportation system."
At the banquet that took place afterward, students took part in conversations and games with the 24th period scholarship students (present as guests of honor), members of the scholarship foundation, and members of the SG Holdings Group, deepening the ties of communication.
In addition, students visited the Sagawa Art Museum to view the works on display, toured a tea ceremony room and participated in a tea ceremony, visited the Kyoto Toei Studio Park on November 5 with the Rotary Club of Kyoto Higashi as part of an international volunteers forum to learn about environmental conservation activities from the Edo Period (1600 - 1868), tried their hand at yuzen dyeing of fabrics, and took part in other traditional Japanese cultural learning experiences.

Scene from the Fiscal 2010 Sagawa Scholarship Acceptance Certificate Award Ceremony / Cultural Exchange

Sagawa International Economic Cooperation Foundation

Fiscal 2010 saw the 21st Japan-China cultural exchange meeting on vehicle maintenance

Upon its first donation of Sagawa Express used trucks, the Sagawa International Economic Cooperation Foundation was established with the goal of carrying out steady and continual international support activities. Current activities were established in response to recipients of the donations in China, who wanted to be able to use the trucks they received for as long as possible.
"Sagawa Japan-China relations and vehicle maintenance skill training" is implemented in Japan and China, and from 1987 to FY 2010 approximately 185 participants (114 from Japan, 71 from Beijing and Shanghai) took part in training.
In pioneering steps toward friendly Sino-Japanese relations, Sagawa Express began free donations of used trucks, a program that has reached its 25th year as of 2010. To celebrate, a "25th Anniversary Japan-China Friendship Exchange" celebration was held in Beijing, China. Chairman and President of the SG Holdings Group Eiichi Kuriwada (the foundation's director) was honored with the title of "China-Japan Friendship Ambassador," granted by vice chairperson of the China-Japan Friendship Association Xu Jin Ping. Following the celebration the "Vehicle Maintenance Training Students Exchange Celebration" was held, with 65 trainees who had completed the program in attendance. In the future, we strive to further promote mutual international understanding through our support activities.

Vice chairperson of the China-Japan Friendship Association Xu Jin Ping (left) honored SG Holdings Group Chairman and President Eiichi Kuriwada with the title of "China-Japan Friendship Ambassador"

Sagawa Cancer Research Promotion Public Interest Foundation

What we can do to reduce the number of people suffering from cancer

A ceremony was held for the FY 2010 selection of the recipient research for the "Sagawa Cancer Research Grant" and the recipients of the 8th "Sagawa Special Research Award"
and "Sagawa Nursing Care Special Study Award." In FY 2010, 176 applications from research organizations across Japan were received for the research grants. After an impartial judgment by the selection committee, the "Study on Structures Resulting from Irregular Distribution of Chromosomes in Breast Cancer Cells" by Associate Professor Masahiro Okada at the Tokyo Metropolitan University Center for Priority Areas was among 14 research projects to receive ¥1 million grants each (for a total of ¥14 million).
A similar process was used to select two people to receive the "Sagawa Special Research Award" and two organizations to receive the "Sagawa Nursing Care Special Study Award." In addition, as part of the "Kuriwada Award," a bronze statue made by Churyo Sato entitled "Kibo" (meaning "wish"; awarded to the Sagawa Special Research Award winner) and a bronze statue made by Chizuko Sasado entitled "Yu" (meaning "permanence" or "calm"; awarded to the Sagawa Nursing Care Special Study Award winner) were presented as well.
The awards were established in 1989, and since then 359 research grants have been awarded for a total of ¥352 million.
In addition, leading specialists active in fields related to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer give an annual lecture on the newest information available in an easy-to-understand format for local citizens, called the "Citizens' Public Seminar on Cancer."

FY 2010 awards ceremony
  • Sagawa Cancer Research Grant
    • ・ETokyo Metropolitan University Center for Priority Areas Associate Professor Masahiro Okada and 13 others
  • Sagawa Special Research Award
    • ・EKyoto University Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Head of Research and Professor Hideo Saji
    • ・EJapanese Foundation for Cancer Research Director and Head Cancer Researcher Tetsuo Noda
  • Sagawa Nursing Care Special Study Award
    • ・EKyoto University Hospital Cancer Support Team Tomoko Izawa (team representative)
    • ・EKanagawa Prefectural Hospital Organization's Kanagawa Prefectural Cancer Center Nurse's Association Representative Mari Watanabe

Sagawa Art Museum Public Interest Foundation

The joy of experiencing culture and art amongst nature

In FY 2010, in addition to permanent exhibits for works by Ikuo Hirayama, Churyo Sato, and Kichizaemon Raku, project exhibitions and events related to the community were held, including a Yumeji Takehisa special exhibition. During these exhibitions, 100,473 people visited the museum.

  • Project exhibitions
    • ・EYumeji Takehisa Exhibition: Yearning for a Trip to the West
    • ・ESatomi Ichikawa and Bernadette Watts: Pearls of Europe Original Picture-Book Images
    • ・EKazu Wakita: Playing Together with Birds
    • ・EPermanent Collection Exhibition: National Treasure Temples Bells
    • ・EExhibition of Winning Works from the 2nd Children's Picture Contest
  • Other events
    • ・EIkuo Hirayama Memorial Exhibition: Prayer for Peace
    • ・EChuryo Sato's Bronze Poetry: "Tonaribito"
    • ・EKichizaemon × LOUBIGNAC: Beneath the Sky
    • ・ETotal of three "twilight concerts"
    • ・EWorkshop hosted by picture book artists (Sagawa Kids Museum 2010)
Children's Picture Contest
Exhibition of Winning Works
Sagawa Kids Museum 2010

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