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Social Action Programs

The SG Holdings Group has established a policy of "contributing to the development of regional communities". We conduct activities for contributing to society based on a desire to return the favor to the customers that have supported us as well as society.

Blue Feather Fund in support of marine rescue activities

Since 2001, the SG Holdings Group has provided support for the Blue Feather Fund, a Japanese marine rescue organization, and participated in awareness-raising activities. In May 2010, in recognition of the group's many years of successful contributions, we were made honorary president of the association. Marking the tenth year of participation in FY 2010, for approximately one month employees in companies throughout the SG Holdings Group wore blue feather (the symbol of the association's activities) on their person while at work, which cultivated a sense of participation in marine rescue efforts and also made our cooperative efforts known to people outside of the company.

A sales driver at performing collection and delivery operations with a blue feather attached to the hip bag

Active sponsorship for sports events

At Sagawa Express, we provide contributions to soccer, baseball, and other sport events as well as to amateur Go tournaments as part of our contributions to society as a corporate citizen.
Sagawa Express also participates in the "Pink Ribbon Campaign" initiated in Kyoto in 2005, attaching stickers to trucks used in business operations to make people more aware of sport events.

Contributions to the 8th Kyoto Students Festival

Since 2003, the SG Holdings Group has been providing support for the Kyoto Students Festival, which is put on by 50 universities and junior colleges in the Kyoto area. With the goal of working together with locals to assist in development of the Kyoto community - the community where the company was founded?we endeavor to help members of the local community as well as visitors from outside understand all the finest aspects of Kyoto. At the same time, we strive to make our corporate image clearer and more widely known through this approach.

The 2010 Kyoto Students Festival

Contributions to society through sports events

Contributing to local communities through soccer

As part of our social contribution efforts, we visit preschools and kindergarten classes to hold soccer workshops, with the goal of achieving communicating through soccer. We also host a soccer academy with groups divided by academic year for third- to sixth-year students in local elementary schools.

Introductory seminar for running

We have restarted our "Scientific Athlete Cultivation Seminar" at Ritsumeikan Moriyama High School, in which we responded to a request from the school and dispatched athletes currently active in their sporting fields to work as training coaches. On two separate occasions, in-class guidance on professional-level training methods was provided. All those who took the seminar participated in the 5 km high school division of the Moriyama half marathon and claimed a majority of the top placings.

Training sessions at middle schools in Shiga Prefecture

Our women's softball team participates in various events with a desire to increase the popularity of softball and improve skills. In response to a request from the Shiga Prefecture Softball Association, we organized a group training session at Moriyama Middle School for 150 participants from 8 middle schools in Shiga Prefecture. Participating students made their desires clear to the athletes leading the session, telling the latter that they wanted to become better players, and the athletes did their best to meet those requests through a comprehensive training session.

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