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Scheme to Enhanced Safety

The entire company is making efforts towards increasing driver skills and safety awareness through the establishment of a safety management system and driver contests, etc.

Winner of the National Truck Driver Contest in the women's category for the seventh consecutive year

In October 2010 at the Japan Safe Driving Center's Central Training Academy for Safe Driving in Ibaraki Prefecture, the SG Holdings Group entered 24 professional-level drivers in the Japan Trucking Association's 42nd National Truck Driver Contest to compete in safety knowledge and techniques with truck drivers from other companies. Our truck drivers competed with those of other transportation companies in a knowledge-based competition (covering maintenance and inspections, and driving techniques).
In the women's category, one Sagawa Express driver took first place (Police Department Minister's Prize) for the seventh consecutive year, and a total of five of our drivers received high-placing prizes. In addition, the Sagawa Express Ube Office was awarded with the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Prize.
Sagawa Express took part in the National Truck Driver Contest with the dual aims of raising awareness regarding safe driving and cultivating professional drivers.

Competition content
  • Knowledge test
    Answer sheet examination on the Road Traffic Act, Road Trucking Vehicle Act, structural functions (vehicles) and other driving-related common knowledge required for professional drivers.
  • Maintenance & inspection test
    Inspection skills such as inspection locations and inspection content (observation points) for securing vehicle safety are evaluated.
  • Driving techniques test
    A wide range of driving techniques is evaluated in course driving, compulsory driving, driving operation, safety check, etc.
■Summary of award winners, women's category
Rank Name Branch Score Remarks
1 Yuko Tsuchiya Ube 968 Police Department Minister's Award, Japan Trucking Association President's Award (one of multiple winners)
2 Yukari Kikuchi Nagano 964  
4 Kana Ohya Toyokawa 963  
5 Takako Fujiwara Nakatsu 950  
■Award winners, 11 ton category
Rank Name Branch Score Remarks
3 Yutaka
Kyushu route Sales Office 990  
Award winners from Sagawa Express
The practical skills and maintenance/inspection competition on the first day. Participants cleared each challenge one-by-one, displaying the speed and precision required for inspection tasks.
Using driving techniques refined daily on the job, our team members weaved through the difficult slalom course with ease.


Despite my humble driving skills, everyone was there to support me

Thanks to the assistance of my fellow Sagawa Express employees, as well as the leadership of my superiors and other staff members, I was able to take the top prize. When I go back to my sales office, I want to tell every that, if someone as unskilled at driving as me can take the top prize, then anyone is capable of safe driving.

Yuko Tsuchiya
Ube Office
Sagawa Express

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