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Scheme to Enhanced Safety

The entire company is making efforts towards increasing driver skills and safety awareness through the establishment of a safety management system and driver contests, etc.

Improvement of safety with a license system

We have the "Sagawa License System" to educate and certify excellent instructors for the purpose of developing drivers in order to prevent accidents. As for those relating to safety, there are two licenses; SD Instructor and Safe Driving Supervisor. SD Instructors are selected from the employees with detailed work-related knowledge, and those who have sufficient knowledge, skills, and leadership and have passed the test are certified as SD Instructors to be in charge of the education of new recruit drivers on the on-the-job training. Safe Driving Supervisors are selected from administrators and veteran drivers, and those who have judgment ability in addition to professional knowledge and skills are certified as Safe Driving Supervisors to assume an important role to judge whether a recruit driver is ready for independence on the job. We enhance the human resource education system by separating the education and certifying functions. As of March 20, 2011, we have 8,881 certified SD Instructors and 2,265 Safe Driving Supervisor. On March 21, 2010, we held a supplementary training session (two days, one night) for currently active SD Instructors in order to improve their skills, with the intent of further reinforcing their driving leadership capabilities.

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