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Efforts on Safety by Vehicle Servicing and Safety Devices

In order to prevent traffic accidents, regular inspection of trucks, thorough vehicle maintenance, and teachings using safety devices are carried out.

To prevent traffic accidents, Drive Recorders have been introduced

In order to objectively understand driving characteristics and make more effective safety driving instructions, Sagawa Express has introduced Drive Recorders (a driving recording device). The Drive Recorder equipped on a vehicle evaluates the driving operation with a point rating method in five different areas: brakes, stops, steering wheel, left/right turns, and smoothness. With this we can know each driver's traits and weaknesses, furthermore drivers can aim for high scores while raising their safety awareness. In addition, in order to prevent traffic accidents we are introducing devices that sound an alarm when certain points designated on a map are reached and simultaneously record images on a hazard map.
As of March 2011, we have installed 5,691 drive recorders, and the evaluation results are being shared between headquarters and regional offices. This is linked to the increased safety awareness for all of Sagawa Express.

Precise advice based on driver instructions
Confirmation of driving diagnosis results
Driving diagnosis result chart

Utilizing "Hiyari-Hatto" (frightened/surprised by an incident) experiences for safety education

It is important for drivers to share close-call experiences while driving in order to prevent accidents. Therefore, at our workplaces we show videos of dangerous occurrences recorded from drive recorders. These and other reference materials are used in training and discussions for risk aversion.

"Hiyari-Hatto" example video
"Hiyari-Hatto" video recorded by Drive Recorder

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