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Environmental Measures for Transportation Optimization

With the goal of "transportation with a low environmental burden," we are promoting efforts to optimize transportation such as reducing the number of trips and utilizing transportation means other than trucks.

Introduction of a new navigation system to reduce CO2 emissions

With the aim of improving home delivery efficiency and reducing the environmental load of operations, SG Systems collaborated with ZENRIN DataCom to jointly develop "Biz-Navi," the world's first navigation system for home delivery vehicles, and installed it in company vehicles.
Because Biz-Navi enables drivers to register multiple destinations and display them on the screen, the relation of delivery destinations with the vehicle's current position can be readily understood, facilitating choice of the optimal route while helping to prevent late deliveries. Experiments using multiple vehicles on the same course showed, in a comparison between vehicles equipped with Biz-Navi and vehicles not equipped with it, that travel time was reduced 21%, travel distance reduced 34% and CO2 emissions reduced 34% in vehicles with the new system, among other improvements. The experiments showed that the new navigation system greatly improves delivery efficiency and brings down fuel consumption.

New vehicle navigation system

Streamlining of transport utilizing Hub Centers

As part of network building works that support our transport, we have established Hub Centers which are large scale consolidated distribution facilities to promote enhancement of the transport efficiency.
Freight and parcels are gathered at Hub Centers and then sorted by their destinations, which increases the loading ratio of trucks and reduces the number of trucks used. This contributes significantly to the reduction of tail pipe emissions from trucks and suppresses air pollutants and CO2 emissions as well.
We are aiming for future reduction of environmental burdens through further enhancement of travel efficiency and loading ratios by utilizing hub centers.

Trucks heading for different destinations gathering in a Hub Center
West Japan Hub Center
Chubu Hub Center
Kuki Center
Tokyo Big Bay
Kitakyushu Center

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