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Building a Framework to Promote Environmental Activities

Through environment accounting, environment management system utilization, and through PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Action) cycle, we are implementing appropriate and effective environmental activities.

Environmental Management System

In 2001, Sagawa Express was certified according to ISO 14001:2004. We established well-defined goals for building frameworks and implementation and regularly conduct performance measurements as we seek greater efficiency in our environmental protection activities.
In addition, 9 branches of Sagawa Express attained Green Business Management Certification in 2004 for their efforts in building frameworks for environmental conservation and reducing energy consumption in the field.

ISO 14001 Certificate (Sagawa Express Co., Ltd.) Certificate of registration no. NQE-07060074A
Green Business Management Certificate of Registration (Sagawa Express Bunkyo Office)
  • * BDF (bio diesel fuel): A diesel engine fuel made from oils found in biological materials. It has been gaining attention as an alternative for petroleum fuels.

Compliance with environmental laws and ordinances

The SG Holdings Groups adheres to our spirit of upholding laws and ordinances, conforming appropriately to environmental laws, ordinances, and regulations such as the Law Concerning the Promotion of the Measures to Cope with Global Warming, the Law Concerning Special Measures for Total Emission Reduction of Nitrogen Oxides and Particulate Matter, and the Law Regarding the Rationalization of Energy Use.
Hereafter, we will continue promoting efforts for preventing global warming and atmospheric pollution.

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