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Activities Promoting Harmony with Nature

Similar to reducing our environmental burden, we actively conduct activities for protecting biodiversity with the theme of "harmony with nature".

Activities for protecting forests

Within Kochi and Tokushima Prefectures in Shikoku as well as in Hachioji of Tokyo, SG Holdings Group owns forests with the total area of about 750 hectares and is implementing various activities for the protection of forests.
The 700 hectares of "Sagawa's Forest" in Shikoku are carefully maintained by Sagawa Forestry, and a number of forest preservation activities are carried out.
Additionally, through the "Takao 100-Year Forest" project in the forests of Takao in Hachioji City, we are carrying out reforestation activities for mountain woodland areas near rural populations with NPOs and local citizens. At the same time, we are conducting research into forest preservation, and creating a place for people to visit and experience nature firsthand.
We will continue to work towards harmony with nature and investigation/proposals for new lifestyle models with forests.

Receipt of the Judge's Special Award for biodiversity initiatives at the 1st Ikimono-Nigiwai Business Activities Contest

In recognition of continual corporate efforts in cooperation with local communities and citizen groups to preserve biodiversity and carry out reforestation in mountain woodland areas near rural communities, Sagawa Express' "Takao 100-Year Forest" project received the Judge's Special Award at the 1st Ikimono-Nigiwai Business Activities Contest.
The Takao 100-Year Forest project's purpose is to reforest and preserve mountain woodlands located near rural communities where people and nature coexist, in forests within Hachioji City. From 2007, with Sagawa Express and the Earth Water & Green Foundation playing central roles and local volunteers, NPOs, education facilities and others providing assistance, forest thinning and removal of weeds were carried out, and forest research and nature experience programs were undertaken to utilize forests as places to educate children about the environment. Through the efforts of this project, we anticipate the scope of people involved in developing the local community will expand as we look to protect these natural spots for the next 100 years.

Forest project activities


Mountain woodland communities are refreshing, wholesome places for everyone

Two quick years have passed since I joined the Takao 100-Year Forest project. Although the small number of people involved in regular maintenance makes our work difficult, every time employees and their families take part in maintenance efforts, my heart is warmed by the smiling faces of participants and the spectacle of families working together.

Kazuyuki Shibata
Earth Water & Green Foundation

Nature experience studies

The "Nature Experience Studies" program has been held since FY 2007 to teach children about the blessings of nature, the importance of food, and other such themes.
During a rice cultivation experience, 423 participants including employees, their families, and members of the local community took part in rice planting, weed removal, and crop harvesting following old-fashioned rice cultivation methods in an expansive 2,970 m2 paddy in Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture. We will continue to conduct similar nature field trips so that children can learn of the symbiotic relationship with nature.

Rice planting
Removing weeds

VOICE Words from parents/guardians

  • Our interest in rice fields and nature grew.
  • I came to appreciate how difficult manual labor can be, in body and mind.
  • From now on, I will eat every last grain of rice in the bowl.
  • I learned how to wash and cook rice by myself.
  • I've come to enjoy spending time outside.

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