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Effective Utilization of Resources

We are making efforts to decrease our environmental burden by effectively utilizing resources in our businesses. This includes manufacturing products that use scrap material and the use of solar power.

Development and introduction of the ECO-body

In order to reduce environmental burdens through the manufacturing of vehicles bodies, SG Motors is developing the ECO-body and integrating it into delivery vehicles across Japan. The interior materials of the vehicle body are made of recycled plastic materials using 100% waste material by-product from the production of instant noodles containers. In comparison with conventional vehicle bodies, the amount of wood materials used is greatly reduced. As of 2010, the number of trucks using the ECO-body has increased to 7,600 since its development in 2003, and the amount of wood materials saved has reached 486 metric tons.
In consideration for temperature environments, non-CFC materials are also used for heat insulation, providing a reduction in CFC gas emissions and improving the work conditions on cargo beds for drivers. A variety of materials are used in vehicle bodies, and in large vehicles such as trucks, there is a great amount of material volumes used in the vehicle bodies. We expect further developments in the decrease of the environmental burdens related to trucks through reductions in fuel expenses and gas emissions as well as environmentally friendly vehicle body promotions.

Hikyaku Cool Express BOX vehicle with an ECO-body

Support for tree-planting programs

As a corporation which calls for coexistence with nature, SG Motors proactively supports the tree planting business with acacia trees, a rare plant that grows rapidly to a diameter of 50 cm after 20 years and has high-quality wood. SG Motors uses these acacia trees as the material of the floor inside the truck. With the motto of "Grow trees by ourselves to use wooden materials", we are actively utilizing forestation with materials for vehicle bodies.

Scene in tree planting (in Sabah, Malaysia)
Two and eight months later after planting

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