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Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Policies

Environmental Philosophy

As a good corporate citizen, Sagawa Express establishes independent and continuous basic policies for environmental conservation. While trying to harmoniously coexist with society and nature, we will make efforts to solve global environmental issues and contribute to the development of local communities.

Environmental Policies

  1. To restrain global warming and air pollution by tailpipe emissions, we will try to make continuous improvement in environmental conservation, through promoting the streamlining of transport, the introduction of low-emission vehicles and the practice of Eco Drive.
  2. Promoting natural resource saving, energy saving and 3R*, we will make improvements, planning and suggestions for the effort on the structuring of a recycling-oriented society.
  3. We will observe environment related regulations, ordinances, agreements and other requirements and try to reduce environmental load and to prevent pollution.
  4. Through the environmental education and enlightening activities, we will communicate these policies to all employees and promote environmental activities. We will further spread information on these objectives and on our environmental activities to the general public.
  5. We will try to make continuous improvement in the environmental management system, by setting the environmental designs and goals and regularly reviewing them.
  • * 3R is taken from the first letters of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

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