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Concept of Environmental Activities/Efforts against Global Warming

As we aim for harmony between society and nature, the SG Holdings Group is introducing new technology and combining the efforts of each individual employee towards the prevention of global warming.

Setup of natural gas filling stations

In order to promote introduction of natural gas fueled trucks, infrastructure maintenance is essential. However, since spread of public natural gas filling stations is stagnant, Sagawa Express has established its own natural gas filling stations. As of March 2011, the number of natural gas filling stations established by Sagawa Express across the country now totals 23. In the future, we will continue infrastructure maintenance which is the core of the introduction of natural gas fueled trucks.

Home-use natural gas filling station (Chiyoda Office)

Start to use bio fuels

For the purpose of reducing CO2 emissions from delivery vehicles, we use bio gas as fuel for natural gas trucks. Bio gas is produced effectively utilizing digestion gas* which is naturally generated in the process of sewage treatment and have attracted much attention as next-generation fuel sources that can help reduce CO2 emissions.
In 10 trucks at the Higashi Kobe Office, We are using bio gas which is obtained from purification of digestion gas generated from sludge in the sewage treatment facility in Kobe City.
In addition, we have begun introducing biogasoline, biodiesel and other forms of fuel, and we plan to continue expanding use of bio fuels in the future.

  • * The gas generated in the process of sewage including a large amount of methane
Bio gas station

Examples of cooperation with regional communities

Participation in Osaka Green Delivery Promotion Activities

Green delivery is the transport and delivery of items using vehicles that have low pollution (green delivery compliant vehicles). At the Sagawa Express Kansai Branch Office, we are participating in Osaka Green Delivery Promotion Activities so that the atmospheric pollution from the vehicles used for business operations is reduced as much as possible.

Green Delivery Promotion Activities sticker
Main efforts
  • Switching to green delivery compliant vehicles
    We are planning to switch to green delivery compliant vehicles. Even among compliant vehicles, we endeavor to utilize natural gas trucks that have fewer emissions and vehicles that have low emission gas certification.
  • Supply using green delivery
    We are actively using green delivery for supply using our trucks.
  • Requests for green delivery in item procurement, etc.
    We request green delivery support from business partners in regards to the procurement of items/raw materials and the purchase of office supplies, etc.
  • Transport and delivery using green delivery
    When a shipper requests transportation and delivery using green delivery, we shall endeavor to use a green delivery compliant vehicle for the transportation and delivery whenever possible.

Activities for the wide usage of eco cars in central Kyoto

Based on a partnership with businesses and the Kyoto municipal government, we are utilizing green delivery and participating in the "Central Kyoto Green Delivery Promotion Association" for the purpose of reducing environmental pollution and preventing global warming. In the applicable area of central Kyoto, all delivery vehicles are being switched to natural gas fueled trucks and green delivery is being implemented.


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