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Efforts towards a Recycling-oriented Society

We implement various efforts in order to achieve a recycling-oriented society such as the usage of Eco Mark-certified products, appropriate disposal of used vehicles, and contributions to home appliance recycling businesses.

Utilization of used tire

As part of Sagawa Express's environmental protection activities, used tires (retreaded tires) are being utilized for the rear wheels of trucks for collection and delivery.
Used tires are worn out tires that have been sorted/processed so they can be reborn into tires that are just as good as new ones but save approximately 68% of the amount of oil used. Through their usage, efficient usage of resources leads to a reduction in environmental burdens in addition to a large reduction in costs. Furthermore, in operation tests of a 2-ton truck equipped with used tires, there was no loss of efficiency in comparison with new standard tires.
Procurement began in September 2009 for 2-ton trucks used in the Kanto region.
From September 2009 to February 2011, Sagawa Express utilized a total of 10,304 retreaded tires.

Measures to reduce waste

Beginning in fiscal 2009, the total waste materials values for Sagawa Express branch offices and locations are published based on the Waste Disposal and Public Cleansing Law.
By conducting a campaign for completely separated collection in a step-up method, the total amount of waste in FY 2010 was approx. 4,322 tons (a 13.9% increase compared to the previous year)
As stated in our group environmental policies, we will continue to promote 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and practice reduction and recycling of waste through completely separated collection.

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