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Efforts towards a Recycling-oriented Society

We implement various efforts in order to achieve a recycling-oriented society such as the usage of Eco Mark-certified products, appropriate disposal of used vehicles, and contributions to home appliance recycling businesses.

Eco-uniform utilization

SG Holdings Group promotes "Green Procurement", an activity to purchase earth-friendly goods proactively. Specifically, we purchase Eco Mark certified clothing made from recycled polyester, which is produced in recycling of PET bottles, for our group companies' uniforms. In FY 2010, 67,927 long-sleeved uniforms and 45,222 short-sleeved uniforms were manufactured, for a total of 113,149 uniforms. This means that about 556,421 PET bottles were recycled.
After being collected by the Uniform Control Center, uniforms that would be difficult to re-use are ground and pelletized at an intermediate repository site to be recycled as reductant for shaft furnace in steelworks.
We also purchase Eco Mark certified working gloves for sales drivers and 289,671 pairs of these gloves were used in 2010. In addition, green purchasing is also being actively promoted for stationery.

Purchasing of environmentally friendly products

As part of its "Green Procurement" efforts, the SG Holdings Group purchases environmentally friendly stationary products: a total of 40,939 such products were ordered in FY 2010. Among these, 16,008 met Green Procurement guidelines and 20,981 were green-compliant goods, for a total of 36,989 environmentally friendly products ordered.
Among orders placed, the percentage of products meeting Green Procurement guidelines was 39.1%, and the percentage of green-compliant goods was 51.2%, achieving a 90.4% ordering rate for environmentally friendly goods.

Supporting the transport of collected electric appliances for recycling

Sagawa Express operates a transport business for designated electric appliances that are obliged to be collected by the Electric Appliance Recycling Law and, on request from home-appliance makers, sends them to specified recycling facilities. Our group companies and subcontractors in Kinki, Chubu, and Shikoku regions are certified as the designated service vendors and support the quick and efficient recycling of resources.

Efforts on recycling of decommissioned vehicles

The decommissioned vehicles from Sagawa Express are properly disposed of by SG Motors using methods with low environmental impact.

Retrieval of CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon)

In order not to release CFCs into the atmosphere during the process of vehicle servicing or disposition, we properly retrieve, dispose of, and prevent CFCs from entering the atmosphere. In FY 2010, 27.2kg of CFCs were retrieved.

Collection of used engine oil

Waste oil generated by regular changing of engine oil and transmission oil used to be disposed of as industrial waste. Recently however, waste oil is recycled as a valuable resource. In FY 2010, 428,226 liters of waste oil was recycled.

Collection of used tires

Old tires that cannot be used anymore are recycled by the final disposal service vendors, in the forms of material, heat source and other uses. In FY 2010, 96,000 used tires were collected.

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