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In addition to distribution fields, the SG Holdings Group makes strong ties with society through education, international exchange, medical support, and cultural arts in order to gain greater trust.

Sagawa Foreign Students' Scholarship Public Interest Foundation

This foundation was established in 1986 to strengthen ties with countries in Southeast Asia and contribute to cultural exchange through support funds for the personal expenses of exchange students. In order to help exchange students devote their attention to studying, financial support through scholarships as well as psychological support is provided. In addition, efforts are being made to create venues for communication among scholarship students through the holding of acceptance certificate award ceremonies and exchange meetings, the publishing of essays on "the future of Asia" and research report collections, the creation of a website, etc.

Sagawa International Economic Cooperation Foundation

After Sagawa Express donated 200 used trucks to China in 1985, this foundation was established in 1986 to continually provide support for regional development, with a focus on developing countries. We are also accepting vehicle maintenance technology trainees, who want to ensure that donated trucks are used for as long as possible. We hope to continue contributions to economic growth of developing countries and promotion of international understanding through our operations.
In February 2007, we received a national award from the Lao People's Democratic Republic for our many years of donating used trucks.

Sagawa Cancer Research Promotion Public Interest Foundation

This foundation was established in 1989 to make contributions towards the improvement of cancer treatment.
To promote health in many people, we make contributions to the improvement of medical welfare through support for basic cancer research and applicable treatment research. We also contribute to regional communities with "cancer citizen public lectures" that make the latest information on cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment easy to understand for everyday people.

Sagawa Art Museum Public Interest Foundation

Opened in March 1998, this museum features three facilities: HIRAYAMA IKUO KAN, SATO CHURYO KAN, and RAKU KICHIZAEMON KAN. Each of the facilities features a unique theme and contributes to the promotion and development of arts and culture.
In addition to planned exhibitions and related programs, musicians from various musical genres are invited to hold concerts and workshops, for the sake of educating the next generation of children who will support our society.
The museum will continue to display works of arts and hold various programs to fulfill its role as an education facility integrated with the community through cultural exchange.

Auxiliary Organizations

  • SG Holdings Group Health Insurance Association
  • SG Holdings Group Corporate Pension Fund

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